Please join us March 9th in Bangor or March 16 in Portland as we present an objective look at CBD products with staff of UNE. This presentation is designed for any health professional! See registration on our conference page - space is limited so be sure to register early.

Maine Chiropractic Licensing Requirements

  • Proof of undergraduate degree or diplomate (copy allowed)
  • Proof of Chiropractic degree (copy allowed)
  • Copy of Chiropractic School transcripts (typically provided by school)
  • Exam scores from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners – you must have passed Parts I, II, III, IV and Physi otherapy.

Licensing application fee is $100.00 and there is a one time fee of $21.00 for the criminal background check.

If you have been licensed in any other state previously, you will also need to provide a copy of that license.

Application for Membership

I HEREBY APPLY for membership in the Maine Chiropractic Association, Inc., for the purpose of serving the Chiropractic profession and for the benefits I may receive from such membership. If
elected as a member, I agree to comply with the By-Laws of this association.